Reminder of Upcoming Social Events

The big one is coming up: Grading will be held in UCD on Monday the 5th of December at 6pm. Grading is subsidized by the club, and it will cost new members €20 for the exam and ISI License. Continuing Members need to pay €15 to renew their ISI licenses and Grade.


Martial Arts Christmas Night Out

Tonight is the Martial Arts Christmas Night, it will be in the Student Bar so it’s close by and cheap! (there may even be Pizza…) It should be good fun and great craic to catch up with fellow UCD Martial Artist – It’s also a good chance to make friends with them before our oh so awesome Marital Arts Ball.

The First Annual Irish Shotokan Institute Christmas Dinner will be held on Thursday December the 8th. “To celebrate the Christmas season and another successful year of karate the ISI Committee has booked Yamamori (38/39 Lower Ormond Quay) for 8th Dec at 8pm for its licenced members. The night will be subsidised by ISI so the cost will be €10 per head for two course meal and two drinks (or drink and tea/coffee). The Yamamori website is here and you can see the excellent food on offer. It will be a great night to cement the friendships between our club members (and after the UCD/DCU competition & grading)”. The If you would like to attend this dinner please confirm your attendance on the Facebook events page here, sign up for the dinner with me at class today and also pay the €10 at class tonight or next Monday.
The Martial Arts Ball has been confirmed for the 1st of February 2012 at the Ballroom in the D4 Hotels Ballsbridge, it is a formal (black tie/evening wear) event and tickets are on sale for week 12 only and are €35 or you can make a €10 deposit to hold your ticket and make a final payment by January 20th. Tickets and deposits are being sold/taken through the Karate club and are open to alumni and friends of club members. The ball is expected to be a spectacular night with ticket price including a wine reception, chocolate fountain, sumo suits, a buffet dinner and a free bus to the Academy afterwards. CAN I ASK ALL MEMBERS TO PLEASE CHANGE THEIR FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE TO THE BALL POSTER FOR THIS WEEK. It is really important that we promote this event actively in order for it to once again become an annual one. Any revenue raised from the event will be donate towards the new Martial Arts Dojo which will be built in the current sports center on the completion of the new sports center. So it would be really beneficial for the club if the event gains momentum and becomes one of the bigger club UCD Balls!

Membership, Karate Gi’s + Belts and Sensei Sweetman course

I would like to remind all members that it is of the utmost importance that membership be paid by Wednesday the 9th of November in order to be eligible for grading & competition. The fee’s can be paid in two installments with the second due in January. They are as follows:
€10 for new members (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
€40 for returning Student members (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
€100 for Alumni (All UCD Graduates)

Karate Suits – Karate Gi’s and Belts are all finally ordered after considerable difficulties. They are on the way and as soon as they arrive we will given them to those who placed orders. Belts will be available for purchase from the club after grading so you don’t need to go in search of them.

Unfortunately this we were unable to hold the UCD vs DCU inter club competition, so we hope to re-shedule it early in the new year. However we had a fantastic course given by Sensei Joe Sweetman 4th Dan, who is Head Coach of the Irish Shotokan Institute. The class was of great benefit to all who attended (especially with Grading coming up next week). I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed it (I know I did!) I would like to extend a big thank you from UCD Karate to Sensei Sweetman for giving the class.

And since I’m told the photo didn’t attach properly last week here it is again:
Some of the Club’s newest members after their first successful competition

Karate Jargon,Training Times and Feedback

Training is in Hall B of the UCD Sports Center from 6-8pm Monday’s and 8-10pm Wednesdays. Come along even if you can only make the second half of the class, one class a week or even a few a month – we’d love to see you there!

The Shotokan Grading Syllabus is available here:
A very helpful list with English translation of the Japanese terms we use in class can be found here:
Kihon Kata performed by Masao Kawasoe:
Heian Shodan performed by Masao Kawasoe:
Training is in Hall B of the UCD Sports Center from 6-8pm Monday’s and 8-10pm Wednesdays. Come along even if you can only make the second half of the class, one class a week or even a few a month – we’d love to see you there!

Club Captain,
Elizabeth Treacy
PS. If you ever need to contact me urgently my number is 0851189826

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