Upcoming Social Events

On Monday the 28th our good friends from DCU Karate club will be visiting us and we will have a nice friendly competition. This Competition is open to all club members no matter how few training sessions you have been able to attend so please come along on the night. Inter club events are always great fun and allow you to meet other karateka and make new friends. And of course we’ll all have to head along to the bar afterwards for a celebratory drink and maybe even some pizza with DCU. Please remember your gum shields for this event, if you do not own one the club will have some on sale on the night for €4 a piece.

The date for Grading has been decided and it will be held in UCD on Monday the 5th of December. As previously mentioned all gradings are subsidized by the club and as such will only cost €20 for the exam and ISI License which you will use for all subsequent gradings it is €15 for all continuing Members to renew their licenses. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THESE FEES BE PAID BEFORE BY MONDAY THE 28TH AT THE LATEST!! Or you may not be able to grade, since the club must pay the ISI in advance so that your licenses are ready for the actual grading.

The 1st Annual Irish Shotokan Institute Christmas night out is to be held in Yamamori on the 8th of December and open to all licensed ISI members with a special dinner rate of only €10 which included one alcoholic of mineral drink. You must book your place in advance by paying the €10 through the club by the Monday the 28th, it promises to a brilliant night out for all.

The Martial Arts Ball has been confirmed for the 1st of February 2012 at the Ballroom in the D4 Hotels Ballsbridge, it is a formal (black tie/evening wear) event and tickets are on sale for week 12 only and are €35 or you can make a €10 deposit to hold your ticket and make a final payment by January 20th. Tickets and deposits are being sold/taken through the Karate club and are open to alumni and friends of club members. The ball is expected to be a spectacular night with ticket price including a wine reception, chocolate fountain, sumo suits, a buffet dinner and a free bus to the Academy afterwards.

Membership, Committee updates and Karate Gi’s

I would like to remind all members that it is of the utmost importance that membership be paid.
The club may have to begin charging mat fees or refusing class admission to those who have not yet paid their fees as ample time has already been given. (If you are having financial difficulties a payment plan can be arranged)
The fee’s can be paid in two installments with the second due in January. They are as follows:
€10 for new members (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
€40 for returning Student members (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
€100 for Alumni (All UCD Graduates)

Karate Suits – a problem has arisen with the recent Gi order which was estimated at €15 per suit, the seller has added exorbitant shipping fees which has delayed the order and the cheapest Gi’s which we can now source will probably be around €17.50. If a price increase is too expensive for you we can cancel your order and refund your deposit. I apologize for this but there is absolutely nothing I can do with a rogue trader such as this bar sending Bill Hayden after him, but as we all know violence is not the answer – despite how tempting it may be…

Karate Jargon, Training Times and Feedback

The Shotokan Grading Syllabus is available here:

A very helpful list with English translation of the Japanese terms we use in class can be found here:

Kihon Kata performed by Masao Kawasoe:

Heian Shodan performed by Masao Kawasoe:

An excellent suggestion was sent to me requesting that the Newsletters be added to a blog so that members could quickly find past issues, when the club website is back online I will add all of the newsletters to it.

Training is in Hall B of the UCD Sports Center from 6-8pm Monday’s and 8-10pm Wednesdays. Come along even if you can only make the second half of the class, one class a week or even a few a month – we’d love to see you there!

PS. Sorry I missed out on a Newsletter last week but College work and Karate took over!

Club Captain,
Elizabeth Treacy

Republished from old blog.