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A while back someone made an excellent suggestion that the Karate Club establish a blog and post all past Newsletters there so club members could easily view them all in one easy to access place, so I finally got around to setting one up and you can all check it out here:

The Inter-Varsities


This weekend the club will be sending a strong 23member team to the Inter-varsities in cork. We will be staying in Sheila’s Hostel: for €30 for two nights and includes a continental Breakfast each morning! The club will subsidies half so thats only €15 for the weekend for accommodation per person, which works out very reasonable. Please bring €15 to training this wednesday to pay for your accommodation.
There is 14 bed mixed dorm, 6 bed (mixed I think) dorm and a 3 bed female dorm booked in order to accommodate everyone.

Travel will be by car and everyone will need to contribute towards petrol I estimate that at around 7e per person in each car and the remainder will be funded by the club (depending on the subsidy level permitted by UCD) , so it still works out cheaper and more convenient that any other transport available to us. I will be collecting the preliminary 7e from all members in advance so please bring it to class this Wednesday.

What you need for the Inter-Varsities: Valid grading book/license, Karate Gi and Belt, Gum Shield ( the club will have these for sale) and sporting mits (the club will supply these). I would also recommend you bring some food for lunch (especially if you have special dietary requirements) on Saturday and money for dinner on Saturday. We will be going out on Saturday night in cork city with all of the other Karate clubs and anyone who would like to go along is welcome to but it is not mandatory, there is a nice movie room at the Hostel for anyone who would rather unwind after a winning loads of medals 😉

These are the comp details given to us by UCC:
Event Schedule:
10am -Registration
10.45am – Referees Meeting/Captains Meeting
11am- Tournament begins
1.30pm- Lunch
2pm- Event commences
5.30pm- Captains Meeting/Commitee meeting
6pm- Medal presentation
The cost of entry is 10 Euro per person per category. ie 20euro for kata and kumite. The cost for team events (team kata & team kumite) is 30euro. You’re college sport departments should cover you’re entry fee’s.

These are the names I have for the Inter-Varsities, if you are not on the list I have not made arrangements for you and you will need to contact me and make your own arrangements.

Carol Anne

Karate Gi’s, Hoddies and Dojo Etiquette

If you need a Karate Gi (suit) for the Inter-Varsities or would like to have one for class they can be purchased for €22.95 at Mullen sports which is located at the very bottom of henry street on the corner of Mary St and Capel St in the city center map here another place with a good range is

The club have a good supply of Belts in various sizes (280cm, 300cm and 320cm lenghts) and colors from Orange to Purple for €6. These are available to purchase from the club locker after any training session.

The club has a lovely club jumper/hoodie for sale it’s fabulously warm and cozy. They are €25 each and we have a good variety of sizes available in the locker from Small to Extra Large. (please allow attachments and images from UCD Karate in order to see the images below)



In Karate etiquette the most important thing you must do: If you enter class late you kneel at the entrance and wait to be acknowledged by the instructing sensei, then bow and say Ossu before joining in class. As it is considered rude and disrespectful to simply walk in late.

At the end of class you may be interested in what exactly is happening in the class ending ritual as I know it was utter gibberish when I began karate myself. The idea is to relax with some breathing exercises and then finish off by bowing to denote respect for Karate, the sensei and yourself as a student of it. The order is:

Ritsu rei – Standing bow to Sensei
Seiza – Sensei sits (formal sitting position), the class sits in seiza facing shomen. Head student (sempai) or other instructor calls out:
Mokuso! This means “Close your eyes and Clear your mind!” After about a minute, the sempai student calls out:
Kaimoku! This means: “Open your eyes!” or Mokuso Yame! This means “Finish meditation”
Zarei – Next the class performs three zarei or sitting bows.
The head student calls out:
Shomen ni rei! This means “Bow to the front of the dojo.” After the class finishes this bow, the Sensei will turn around and face the class and the head student will call out:
Sensei ni rei! – This means “Bow to the Teacher!” As the class bows to the teacher, the teacher will return the bow. As each student bows, they recite “Onegaishimasu” which means “Please (teach me!)”
Otagai ni rei! – This means “Bow to each other!” Both the teacher and the students will bow to each other at the same time. This is to acknowledge that we are all students of the art of Karate Do.
For the three bows,
The words you hear your fellow students muttering are the core principles of Shotokan Karate and our club: Sincerity, Effort and Self Control.

UCDKarate club is not as strict as many other clubs as you will gather from reading the very detailed Cambridge page but it is a good idea to know what the rules are incase you are attending courses, visiting other clubs and practicing under a visiting instructor.

Some different approaches to Dojo Etiquette or Kun for those interested:

If you have any questions please send along an email to the club or ask myself, another senior member or a sensei in class.

Elizabeth Treacy
Club Captain

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