Upcoming Social Events

We’ve been very busy planning loads of fun social events for the club over the next few weeks:

On Monday the 14th we will be be having an internal UCD Karate Club competition for all members with both Kumite (sparring) and Kata (forms/patterns) events with medals for those who would like to participate. It’s great opportunity to put into practice what you’ve been learning over the past few weeks and to get a taste of what competition is like while in a fun and relaxed environment. We’ll even have some nice shiny medals up for grabs!

Please note you will need a GUMSHIELD for all sparring events!

After the competition we will be having our Movie night in the blue room of the student center from 8pm, this event is BYOB so it’s super cheap and very cheerful.

On Monday the 28th our good friends from DCU Karate club will be visiting us and we will have a nice friendly competition. Inter club events are always great fun and allow you to meet other karateka and make new friends. And of course we’ll all have to head along to the bar afterwards for a celebratory drink and maybe even some pizza with DCU.

The date for Grading has been decided and it will be held in UCD on Monday the 5th of December. As previously mentioned all gradings are subsidized by the club and as such will only cost €20 aprox. for the exam and ISI License which you will use for all subsequent gradings (exact figure to be confirmed)

The Martial Arts Ball – a meeting is being held this Wednesday to begin preparations for the ball and further updates on venue, date and cost will be included in the weekly newsletters as they are confirmed.

The New Social Morning – we will be drawing up a weekly rota of members who will run the social morning shortly so if you would like to get involved and volunteer a day or two to make the tea and coffee we’d all love you!

Membership, Committee updates and Karate Gi’s

I would like to remind all members that it is of the utmost importance that membership be paid by Wednesday the 9th of November in order to be eligible for grading & competition. The fee’s can be paid in two instalments with the second due in January. They are as follows:
€10 for new members (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
€40 for returning Student members (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)
€100 for Alumni (All UCD Graduates)

The committee has been hard at work having held it’s AGM and then a meeting to develop a plan of action. Behind the scenes members attend a lot of meetings on club health and safety, inclusion and UCD regulations etc. and I would like to thank them once again for all the time they dedicate to the club.

This week Paul and Elizabeth spend hours dusting, cleaning and organizing the equipment locker and we have reached the conclusion that the club needs an equipment officer – someone who keeps track of the clubs training equipment, club clothing and manages the library (we have a fantastic collection of Karate books and DVD’s!). If anyone would like to volunteer for the position please let us know!

Karate Suits – on further investigation we have sourced some bargain beginner Karate Gi’s which will cost €15 per suit. There will be an order form at the next two training sessions after which we will place an order. If you have graded, already own a beginner suit and/or wish to purchase a higher quality suit there are some higher quality Adidas K220 suits available for just over €40 and there will also be an option to order one of these. Deposits of €5 will be taken on all beginner suit orders and €10 on all Adidas Gi’s.

Karate Jargon, Training Times and Feedback

The Shotokan Grading Syllabus is available here:

A very helpful list with English translation of the Japanese terms we use in class can be found here:

Training is in Hall B of the UCD Sports Center from 6-8pm Monday’s and 8-10pm Wednesdays. Come along even if you can only make the second half of the class, one class a week or even a few a month – we’d love to see you there!

If you have any bright ideas for the club, would like something in particular covered in class or would love some information on any aspect of Karate just let us know we’d love to hear your questions or suggestions.

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