And We’re Back for the Spring Semester!

We hope everyone had a good winter break and were able to return to their families, despite all the travel restrictions. But with the new semester beginning on Monday it’s time to get back to Karate! We’ll be resuming our normal online training schedule from Friday the 15/1/21, just before the Spring Semester begins. And for anyone who has forgotten that’s :

  1.  Monday 6:15-7:15 with Sensei Donal
  2. Friday 7-8pm with Sensei Darragh
  3. Saturday 11-12am With Sensei Bill

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone during the New Year and hoping to burn off some of that winter weight.

Keep an eye on your email our social media for any updates on events that will be coming in the next few weeks. The Covid-19 lock-down¬† may have stopped us from meeting in person but it’s not going to stop us from having fun!

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Thanks Everyone,