The Dublin Intercollegiate Competition is this week and it’s time to get hyped.

Everyone who’s planning to compete (sign up here), and even everyone who’s not: make a special effort to get down this week to polish off those kata and fire off those kicks.

Oh and we’re going to The Clubhouse after to celebrate.

Finally, as always, why not bring a friend along too? Whether you’re new to karate or an experienced karateka, we’re always happy to welcome new members, so grab a friend and introduce them to what is sure to become a lifelong passion.

Competition FAQS.

Where is it: We got home team advantage this year, it’s in the beautiful Hall A.
When is it:1st Dec. That’s Saturday, not much time now.
How much is it: It’s €2.50 per category, €7.50 if you sign up for all 4. That’s a 50% discount, lucky you.
What do I bring: Gumshield! Don’t forget that. And If you need to buy one, we have some to sell for €3 and of course your dogi

Wait! Categories? I wasn’t paying attention:
OK, listen up. There are 4 categories for every skill level.
Individual and Team Kumite, as well as individual and Team Kata.

In kumite:
You’ll be sparring one on one, scoring points
for good clean techniques only, 2 points and it’s a win!
The Team variant just has you doing that,
and any team with the best of 3 wins moves forward.
In Kata:
For beginners, it’s simple. You just gotta do the best Kihon Kata you’ve ever done in your whole life. Then the judges will score you, once they’ve dealt with the fact you blew their minds.
The Team variant is a little though, you’ve got to sync your kata with two teammates to take away the win