I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and are ready to start kicking some ass.

Competitions are a great way to show off your sick new skills and earn loads of medals.

The first competition of the year is the Kanazawa Cup(10 November), so mark your calendars(It’s this Saturday). This event will be held in Tallaght.

More importantly is the inter-collegiate which we are hosting this year. This is on the 1st of December and we hope to see you all compete.

Competitions have two main categories Kata and Kumite. We hope you will enter both categories. If you wish to compete please let us know and we’ll provide you with the approved gum shield(€3) and mitts.
Wait! Categories? I wasn’t paying attention:

OK, listen up. There are 4 categories for every skill level.
Individual and Team Kumite, as well as individual and Team Kata.
In kumite:
You’ll be sparring one on one, scoring points
for good clean techniques only, 2 points and it’s a win!
The Team variatiant just has you doing that,
and any team with the best of 3 wins moves forward.
In Kata:
For beginners, it’s simple. You just gotta do the best Kihon Kata you’ve ever done in your whole life. Then the judges will score you, once they’ve dealt with the fact you blew their minds.
The Team variant is a little though, you’ve got to sync your kata with two teammates to take away the win.

UCD Karate Club is supporting the Irish Blood Transfusion Service with blood donation next week at the UCD Blood drive.
Join members of our club on Tuesday noon for moral support if you have a fear of needles! ? Have questions about your blood donation eligibility? Check out www.giveblood.ie.
Save lives and let’s have a bleedin’ good time!